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Enrolling in our programs comes with a range of benefits designed to nurture your child’s growth and learning.

Benefits of Enrolling

Holistic Development

Our programs focus on fostering not only academic skills but also social, emotional, and physical development. We believe in providing a well-rounded experience for your child.

Engaging and Educational Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops that are not only informative but also captivating. These workshops are designed to spark curiosity and creativity in your child, making learning a fun and interactive experience.

Outdoor Adventures

At First Campus, we understand the importance of outdoor activities in a child’s development. Our programs include exciting outdoor adventures that encourage teamwork, leadership, and a love for the great outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups are eligible for enrollment at First Campus?

Our programs cater to various age groups, typically ranging from 4-13 year. Check the program details for age-specific information.