Discover the Story: Cultivating Innovation in Agriculture

Explore Our Journey in Redefining the Future of Farming Technology.

Founded in 2017, Outgrid started as a passion project by a group of forward-thinking individuals deeply committed to the intersection of technology and agriculture.


At Outgrid, we aiming to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem for farmers worldwide. Our mission is to empower farmers, promote sustainability, and redefine the landscape of agriculture through cutting-edge technology.

Our Expertise

We innovate to empower farmers, boost sustainability, and redefine farming.

Precision Farming

Using data analytics and sensors for real-time insights on soil health, crop conditions, and farm performance. Make informed decisions and optimize resources.

Crop Monitoring

From planting to harvest, our technologies provide comprehensive crop monitoring, disease detection, and yield optimization, ensuring healthier and more productive harvests.

Automation Solutions

This includes automated irrigation systems for optimal water usage, precision planting automation to enhance seed placement, and harvesting automation for efficient collection.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the driving force behind Outgrid's success — our dedicated team of experts.

Michael Red Head of Sustainable Practices
Anastasia Wan Agriculture Specialist
David Smith Sustainability Coordinator
Jessica Patel Head of Marketing

Outgrid envisions a world where farmers leverage cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and ensure food security.

Our goal

With a focus on continual innovation, Outgrid aims to pioneer new solutions that redefine modern farming practices. By expanding their global reach and actively engaging with farming communities, Outgrid strives to make a positive impact on a large scale.