collaboration opportunities

Fueling our creativity, we’re excited to partner with dedicated filmmakers and industry professionals. If your project aligns with our vision, feel free to submit it for review. Here’s the process

Submit Your Project

Connect with CineVision by emailing your project to Make it a catchy title, such as "Collaboration Opportunity: [Your Project Title]."‚Äč


Include a comprehensive project overview, specifying the genre, providing a synopsis, detailing your team. Attach supporting materials, whether it's a script and portfolio.

Introduce Yourself

Take a moment to introduce yourself and your team briefly. Share key highlights that showcase your experience and passion for filmmaking.


Articulate why CineVision is the ideal home for your project. Highlight how your project aligns with CineVision's values and storytelling ethos.

Review Process

Your submission undergoes meticulous review by our dedicated team. While we can't select every project, we deeply value and appreciate your creativity.

PREPARE Collaboration

Following your submission, anticipate a confirmation or further communication regarding the acceptance of your collaboration with CineVision.